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Unlike many Windows-based players, the Zune also supports unprotected AAC files--a nice touch for anyone who's been ripping CDs using i Tunes' default settings.On the other hand, Microsoft's player lacks a built-in voice recorder, which most Windows-based players include.Some players show the album by default, most don't. This makes features like toggling showing album or not very unreliable and extremely hard, if not impossible, to implement.I have decided, because of these reasons, to simply try to hide album names whenever I can.Before, it would only work /without/ the groovemarklet, which obviously caused confusion. It was deliberately chosen not to include this in the graphical interface, as most people won't need to change this.The polling rate tells smg how often it should check for changes in songs. The default text "No song is currently playing" can now be changed. Both Windows Media Player and Zune have never been supported well by smg at any point.Before fix: Sonata Arctica False News Travels Fast After fix: Sonata Arctica - False News Travels Fast Google managed to break support for the Groovemarklet in a completely new and innovative way, thanks Google!From now on, you won't need the groovemarklet anymore to get music from Google Play Music, SMG will do it directly.

When you're watching videos on a screen that small, every extra bit of real estate counts.

Most of the interesting work on this release is in the updated web extension.

However, because of what we changed, we've made it a lot easier to add the features that you guys have been requesting for a long time.

If you're using the newest version of Spotify, you shouldn't run into any more problems.

Background: Considering the diversity of players that are supported, I had to make a decision about whether to show the album or not.

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Rounding out the package are a USB cable, a carrying case, headphones, and a 14-day trial membership in Zune Pass, Microsoft's $15-per-month, all-you-can eat music subscription service.