Year dating royal stuart

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Year dating royal stuart

Haig Gold Blended Whisky is in a normal shaped bottle whereas Haig Dimple and it’s American Market sister Haig Pinch are in the three sided bottles with dimples or dents in each of the three faces.Below you’ll see some of the elements of different Haig bottles that can be used to help give a better idea of the age of your Haig bottle.

This, I believe is why so many old bottles have still survived unopened.And it is also worth noting that Lady Cynthia’s more remote ancestors included several illegitimate offspring of earlier Stewarts such as King James IV.(The old Stewart Kings were amazingly prolific in siring children outside of wedlock, but not nearly so successful within the bonds of holy matrimony.) Working backward through the list of British sovereigns, the most recent royal link in the Spencer ancestry is to the erstwhile King James VII/II.Whisky bottles should be stored vertically in order to minimize loss of spirit through seepage or evaporation. This is the question I am most asked and 9 times out of 10, I’m afraid the results are disappointing. Empty bottles and pewter decanters will generally make from £10 to £50.Once the seal has been broken and the cork or cap opened, you never have as good a seal again. Also beware that whisky bottles left in old attics or cellars may have been subject to contamination by mice, rate etc. A bottle of 1940’s Haig Dimple or Pinch with good provenance and with bottle, contents and packaging in good condition may fetch £200 in from a dealer. If you want to advertise, your old bottle of Haig Whiskey for sale, why not try my Whiskey Classifieds site at Whiskey Having said all that, I’ve decided to spend some time developing a simple user guide to working out how old your old bottle of Haig Whisky might be.

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(Monmouth was the ancestor of the Dukes of Buccleuch, and thus of both the late Princess Alice Duchess of Gloucester, and of Sarah Duchess of York.) What I intend to concentrate on in this column are only those Spencer ancestors who were descended from the combined Stewart-Tudor lineage that begins with James V, King of Scots, who was the son of James IV and Henry VIII’s sister, Margaret Tudor.

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