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Around seven in every 10 babies born with mosaic trisomy will live for at least a year and, in rare cases, may survive into early adulthood.

In partial trisomy 18 only a section of the additional chromosome 18 is present in the cells, rather than a whole additional chromosome 18.

(All sets are now being received with the Serial Numbers printed on the spine.

Senate); and: Treaty doc This is the Serial set of the Cong. Serial numbers for congress prior to 86th cong see sheet shelf list in Serial Record. Care must be taken that they are entered accordingly.

Some babies with less severe types of Edwards' syndrome, such as mosaic or partial trisomy 18, do survive beyond a year and, very rarely, into early adulthood.

But they are likely to have severe physical and mental disabilities.

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Prior to the 97th Congress, the serial set had no official name; it was popularly known as the Congressional serial set The set has also been known variously as: Congressional serial set, Serial number set, Congressional edition, Congressional set, Congressional series, Congressional series of United States public documents, Congressional document series, Sheep set, Sheep bound set (owing to its distinctive sheepskin binding), and Serial set Description based on: Serial no. How severely affected the baby is depends on the number of and type of cells that have the extra chromosome.Some babies may only be mildly affected, while some can be severely disabled.The development of three copies of chromosome 18 usually happens at random during the formation of either the egg or sperm.As this happens randomly, it's extremely unlikely for parents to have more than one pregnancy affected by Edwards' syndrome.

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If the combined test shows that you have a higher risk of having a baby with Edwards' syndrome, you will be offered a diagnostic test to find out for certain if your baby has the condition.

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