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Wow webcam

It's what many public speakers are doing to stretch their reach beyond their physical presence. Webinars, teleconferencing - all the cool kids are doing it... Connecting with an online meeting or presenting a webinar via Google Hangouts, Skype, Go To Meeting, Sightspeed, oo Voo, Tok Box (the list is endless really) is becoming the "norm". Here are seven Gingery tips to be brilliant at public speaking using a webcam.

Let's help you take the cyber world by storm: Zoom in!

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Even though you might like your home office, the people you're meeting with want to see YOU.

This guide describes how to setup FTP webcams on WOW for FTP servers.

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Using a webcam is an ever more important speaking ability if you want to spread the word about what you do. In this age of daily digital duties, more and more of our business lives can be lived by using webcams.

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