Worst speed dating stories

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Anyway, myself and Gerry joined Yvonne and Sinéad for a quiz and then myself and Sinéad danced the night away and we were the only couple on the dance floor all night.

We Danced, Chatted and Laughed all night and were the last to leave along with the Bar Man. The next day I had a very bad hangover and my phone binged: it was a message from Sinéad.

I remembered her as soon as I saw her beautiful face and smile, and despite having an interview the next day she came along which was full marks from me.

We had a great night we chatted for hours and towards the end of the date we were both thinking should we ask the other if we wanted to date again.

So whether you're the love-full, love-lorn or love-completely-lost, take solace in the knowledge that it's always better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all - if only for the stories you get. Years ago, myself and a friend went out and decided to play a game where I (I'm NY born but Dublin bred) would pretend to be an up-and-coming singer-songwriter over from the states and my friend was my manager.

We try and fail to use the line throughout the night but eventually land in Coppers at 2am where, unsurprisingly, the lie begins to work.

Then I got back ready to cool it down and in the middle of our conversation, he mentioned his daughter.Some were brave enough to leave their names in, but some were too salacious, mortifying or personal to name.Some takeaways: no less than two stories featured people surprised at their dates small stature; New York must be the place all romantic dreams go to die; women in a loud, bubbly and seemingly harmless group are to be feared.Then I avoided him when I went back to work but shortly after stopped taking shifts because he kept at me.- Anonymous ' Mon we go Coppers I went out on a date with a girl that I had met on a night out, after a few weeks of meeting up as mutual friends beforehand and kind of scoring, I decided to finally go on a date so I met her for drinks and we were there maybe half an hour.

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I went up to the bar to order a round of drinks when suddenly, one after one, this girl's friends start coming into the bar - all had a bit of drink on them - and were dancing around her saying they were going to steal her to take her to Coppers.

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