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I saw him at the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood one night.I remember he was wearing a grey V-necked sweater...i THINK with no shirt on underneath it. I had a huge crush on him, so I wish I'd been more relaxed and dared to look at him again (didn't want to seem to be gawking)Matt Dillon steps out with girlfriend Roberta Mastromichele Matt Dillon was putting on a cosy display with girlfriend of four years Roberta Mastromichele on Thursday, as they enjoyed a romantic outing together in Rome.Imogene finds that her estranged mother, who is dating Dillon, rented her childhood room to Criss at a time when Imogene has split from her cheating wealthy boyfriend and has nowhere else to live. If I remember correctly, this was a big movie for him. Some of these responses are ridiculously defensive, and long-winded and full of stupid details that it's obvious. And he told an intriguing story about a scene that got cut from the script. I ran into him about fifteen years later at the Public Theater. Unlike every young actor I've known he had become an interesting, articulate person with a passion for music of all kinds and some real knowledge. But if he does, it's with females as far as I know or have ever heard from people who still see him.Dillon's character, George Bouche, hints that he is a spy or undercover intelligence officer, and Imogene thinks he's a con man fooling her mother (Annette Bening). I had a huge crush on him when he was young...now, not so much. [Dillon laughs] You know where this is going, right? Interviewer: So did you want to make out with Kev in the shower? Man, I was relieved when they got rid of that scene. Interviewer: Yeah, he seemed disappointed that it got chopped! I told her he was in the back of the plane and would show up later. I never saw any evidence that he was gay or bi, in fact he was precociously interested in getting girls his age and a little older into the sack; and good at it. The one assertion above I could at least consider is that he's had a tranny or two.He might have had a longer career if he'd done action films like Tom Cruise, but things like Drugstore Cowboy or even Flamingo Kid marked him as a more niche actor--even though they were better films than anything Cruise ever did.He's at a point now where he's got sitcom dad looks but not movie dad-- he still looks too handsome to be Miles Teller's dad even though that's age appropriate.A conundrum for a lot of actors Matt Dillon is joined by girlfriend Roberta Mastromichele for premiere He's playing the titular role in The House That Jack Built.And Matt Dillon looked every inch the movie star as he was spotted at the Paris premiere of the Lars von Trier film on Tuesday.

From Seka's bio[quote]I also met Matt Dillon at Limelight. When women go out, we choose whether we’re going to get laid.

I have to admit one of my childhood crushes was on Matt Dillon. i was a waitress/bartender and these stories get passed around, how true, not sure but just what i heard. They pick up on reflexive adulation - dilated pupils, flushed skin, a faster heart beat. These are straight guys who also know their luxury brand names. While not gay, they do know when guys are attracted to them and seem to do anything to keep attention focussed upon themselves. And Matt always remained NY based so he didn't really network as much in LA.

Such a prick in My Bodyguard, but then in Little Darlings I wanted him more than Kristy or Tatum. (he allegedly took tips left on the bar by customer meant for bartender)OMG R15. I used to see him in a restaurant on the Upper West Side at breakfast time with young women, I always assumed they'd spent the night together. The rumors have been out there since he first started maybe because his longtime manager/agent was gay. Like everyone else who starts young he tired of the teen films (even if they were Francis Ford Coppola) and went Indy with Gus Van Sant.

But, I'm always suspicious of a great looking guy like he was, who never married--come on, even Warren Beatty eventually settled down-- yet was supposedly in a relationship with an actress who dates gays. From interview: Interviewer: We’ve got to talk about Wild Things. Dillon: [Shaking head] One twist too many, man, one twist too many. I’m wondering why he was so eager to do the gay scene? We were on a plane flying back from the New Orleans Jazz Festival one year. When we got to La Guardia airport, a short fat lady was waiting and actually frantically yelling, "Matt? Matt Dillon: I'd Love to Play Gay - Towleroad Boy Culture reports on an article in the March Italian Vanity Fair: "In the article, he's asked if he could turn gay. It's trendy in some circles, but I've never heard that about him.

He was sitting way back in the seats with a friend. Dillon's reply (with thanks to Giulio for a rough translation) is along the lines of: 'Sure, I'd love to. Careers are very hard to maintain, and luck plays a huge part in someone's survival at or near the top.

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He was said to be a top and would only fuck certain small number of guys.

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