Who is masi oka dating

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Who is masi oka dating

Masayori Oka, popularly known as, “Masi Oka” is a Japanese-American actor. Oka became widely popular after he played the role of Hiro Nakamura on NBC’s ‘Heroes’. Oka celebrates his birthday every year on December 27 as he was born on December 27, 1974.

He moved to Los Angeles from Japan with his mother when he was six years old.

He became widely known for his role on NBC's Heroes as Hiro Nakamura and in CBS' Hawaii Five-0 as Doctor Max Bergman. His parents divorced when he was one month old; he was raised in a single parent family and has ...

You know, I've actually been very good about not going on the Internet, I only look at things that my publicist and my friends send me, although I did see this one thing that my publicist sent me, I went online and it said, "oh my god, Hiro Nakamura, I love him so much. I want to lock him up, talk to him, kiss him, I want to make him literally my pet." You know what, as...

Oka can also be viewed Youtube where he is giving his interview about his career journey.

His fans can follow his recent updates from his twitter @Masi Oka.

More additional information about him can be obtained from the Wiki and other internet sites.

Born to Setsuko Oka he has never his father as the parents divorced when Masi was just month old.

Brought up by the single mother, he migrated from Japan to America at six years of his age along with his mother.

Masi started his career working at the Industrial Light & Magic. He made a contract that he would return to Marin Country if he would not get casted in any role in Los Angeles.

However, he got a role of pilot but she show was cancelled.

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