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Despite the reports of their relationship, the actors have remain tight lipped and no confirmation has been made so far!!

born April 30, 1986) is an American actress, singer, and dancer.

I’m back to tell you everything about everyone’s favorite spoiled brat Taylor Swift. “Quinn is having a great time at Yale — almost too great.

Today, we’re gonna take a trip down memory lane so that I could talk about Tay’s “friendship” with former Glee actress Dianna Agron. Well, let me tell you more about it: Taylor & Dianna timeline: On September 5th, 2011, former country star Taylor Swift & former Glee star Dianna Agron were spotted together at a flea market in L. LOL TAY DON’T MAKE IT OBVIOUS THAT YOU CALLED THE PAPS OMFG Also, it’s funny how we got this pap pic before the 2011 Emmys where Glee was nominated: this show coming back: Tay getting the ACM Honors Award Her dropping her perfume Wonderstruck & 2 months before this single came out: We didn’t hear about Tay & Di again until January 2012 when Dianna tweeted this: Funny how Dianna tweeted this before 2012 SAG Awards where Glee was nominated: The next month, Dianna tweeted this: “Fun things about today: Hemo‘s [Heather Morris‘s] Bday. There’s this scene where she doesn’t even realize how much she’s rubbing it into Santana. She’s a little in over her head without even realizing it.” AWWW DID THE MONEY TAY PAY YOU ALREADY RAN OUT?

But, somehow the relationship didn’t seem to work out so Dianna and Thomas headed to splitsville after 9-months of their relationship.

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confirmed the couple had paid a visit on 3rd April this year.

There’s some important things you guys need to learn about their old relationship I mean faux-friendship. The next month, Dianna tweeted Tay about seeing her at the RFK Foundation Dinner: LOVELY THE FUCK Just days later, Dianna was spotted with Taylor and her faux boyfriend Harry Styles: LOOK AT HER ENJOYING THE ATTENTION EVEN THOUGH THE PAPS DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT HER Ironic how all of these things happened before Dianna’s photoshoot for her blog came out: 2 months later, Taylor tweeted about a Glee cast member telling her that her song might be on Glee lol: BTW NONE OF HER SONGS WERE EVEN IN THE EPISODE THAT AIRED THAT NIGHT & SHE LATER DELETED THE TWEET The 2 weren’t seen again until November 2014 (wow almost 2 years lol) when they both attended the AMAs and Taylor attended with her “Special friend” Karlie Kloss LOVE HOW KARLIE IS LOOKING THE OTHER WAY LOL BTW, this whole thing happened before Dianna presented her film Zipper at Sundance in January 2015: Taylor & Dianna haven’t been seen together since November 2014.

You’ll see the interaction between my character and the other characters that graduated, and the new kids that are trying to take on their legacy,” Dianna said.

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It’s safe to say this relationship, I mean faux-friendship is over now. And, is it just me, or did Tay have 10x more chemistry with Di than with Tom.