Who is carmine gotti agnello dating

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Who is carmine gotti agnello dating

It sucks when you realize you ended up with someone that reminds you of one of your parents.

Usually, it's the exact opposite of what you wanted to happen but, in many cases, it ends up happening anyway.

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Carmine "The Bull" Agnello (born 1960) is a New York mobster from the Gambino crime family who ran a scrap metal recycling operation.

But then, when the papers and her mother told her that he in fact, did, Victoria became distraught.“He is in the life,” her mom’s character told her.

In Victoria Gotti's case, the man she married was just like her dad because of his connections to "the life."The new movie, which debuts on Saturday at 8/7 c, features Victoria “sharing never-before-revealed stories about her life,” including “her turbulent romance, forbidden by her father, with the man who later became her husband,” according to Lifetime. What she seemed less impressed with was Agnello’s apparent obsession with the mafia lifestyle, according to the film’s depiction, although he continuously reassured her that he wasn’t involved in the mob.

That man was Carmine Agnello, a member of the Gambino crime family in New York. John was definitely not impressed with Agnello, however, and he forbid his daughter from seeing him.“He said, ‘what is it with you? ’ and I remember looking at my father dead on and saying, ‘dad, what is it about you that you’re so against him?

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In July 2017, Agnello took another plea deal for a 2015 arrest where he was charged with theft, money laundering, and conspiracy for a scrap metal scam at his Cleveland scrapyard, according to

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