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If you import a database and can see all of the tables and data, then the data is saved and is using disk space.Your c Panel may still show 0 MB, but this will be updated within 4 hours.This Output shows that out of the 39 gigs of total disk space, 38 gigs are used with 858mb of space left over. This is enough to cause c Panel login failures, FTP file upload errors, and slow website issues.At this point you will need to remove some of the files from the server to bring the server back to normal operation.If you are not familiar with using command line, you can look at your disk space usage through the WHM .The WHM will show you the accounts with the highest usage.

You may want to consider warning your users ahead of time that backups will automatically be removed from the server after a certain period of time or on certain dates.

For more information on checking your Disk space through WHM, see our article on How to Monitor Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage in WHM. You must have permission to access the files you are searching for. The following command will display all files and folders sorted by Mega Bytes.

Unfortunately, you cannot remove files through the WHM, you will need to access the c Panel File Manager for the account that has the large disk space usage and remove the files / folder through File manager. This output shows that all files over 1 MB are in the /public_html.

If you notice you are not able to connect to your c Panel, Webmail, or WHM and your website is slow and giving errors, your server may be maxed out on the disk space.

A common error you may see is like the following when going to your c Panel. The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space.

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If you cannot fix the disk space issue on your server, you can have tech support look into the matter for you.

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