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Wat downdating

Our hybrid strategies for information retrieval and clustering are corroborated by two case studies.

The new method of Coupled Simulated Annealing makes use of coupling in order to allow multiple Simulated Annealing (SA) processes to cooperate toward finding the global optimum of multi-modal and multidimensional optimisation problems.

Both textual and bibliometric approaches have advantages and intricacies, and both provide different views on the same interlinked corpus of scientific publications or patents.

In addition to textual information in such documents, citations between them also constitute huge networks that yield additional information.

We incorporate both points of view and show how to improve on existing text-based and bibliometric methods for the mapping of science.

Firstly, we discuss the use of text mining techniques for information retrieval and for mapping of knowledge embedded in text.

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A number of proof-of-concept applications is presented in order to show the effectiveness of our methodologies. Joos Vandewalle Increasing dissemination of scientific and technological publications via the Internet, and their availability in large-scale bibliographic databases, has led to tremendous opportunities to improve classification and bibliometric cartography of science and technology.