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But what really makes LINE stand out and popular is its stickers and mobile games.

LINE took emojis one step further by offering stickers, which are images or moving-images of characters that represent emotions, actions, and ideas.

Fortunately, the Internet was still usable and people began using social networking to communicate with family and friends affected by the earthquake.

However, messaging apps were unreliable at the time and that was when Naver Corporation decided to create LINE.

Image | Downloading We Chat application We Chat’s dominance in China comes from the fact that international social networking apps such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Line, Ka Kao Talk, and many more, have been banned, leaving it with little to no competition.

This meant that only the people in the chat could read the messages and messages could not be intercepted by outsiders.But these apps began tailoring to their audiences and quickly offered a variety of features that changed the way companies interacted with customers and allowed information to be rapidly processed and spread.With the constant development of technology, we can expect bots with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to soon be incorporated in messaging apps.Of the 220 million monthly active users, 70 million comes from Japan alone while Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia account for 99 million users.Like We Chat, LINE offers free chatting and video calls.

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