Validating a service call

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Validating a service call

The goal of validation is to tell you if the data of an object is valid.

So far, this is just an ordinary class that serves some purpose inside your application. Storing jservices-aacl-pic-9.6-20090706.0in /var/sw/pkg ... Link: /opt/sdk/jservices-aacl/jservices-aacl-pic - /var/sw/pkg/jservices-aacl-pic-9.6-20090706.0.. Verified jservices-aacl-pic-9.6-20090706.0signed by Package Production_9_6_0 Creating /opt/sdk/jservices-aacl ... For example, suppose you want to make sure that a password field doesn't match the first name of the user (for security reasons).You can do this by creating an Note The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that the prefix of the getter ("get", "is" or "has") is omitted in the mappings for the YAML, XML and PHP formats.

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@Inject Book Service book Service; @Path("/service-method-validation") @POST @Produces(Media Type.

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