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You parameterise not just a the values you want to update (you want to update the answer to @Q with respnse QA) but also a parameter which tells the query to do its job.This parameter is called @Action If you write the query as written above then click save, the Query input dialogue will prompt you for some parameter values in order to parse and verify the query.If I delete a client and check for updates, the client repopulates in WSUS with a current Last Contact time, but Last Status time remains as "Not yet reported."There is communication with the clients because they are all able to successfully check for updates and download them from WSUS if needed, but they are no longer able to report status or update their Last Status Report time. Is there a way to update the Crystal Reports that are stored in BOE through Infoview?Accounts included in the bankruptcy will have their status updated to show that they are included in the bankruptcy.They will be deleted seven years from the original delinquency date of the account.

Your bankruptcy records should include a document, called a "schedule," that lists all of the debts included in the bankruptcy filing.

The accounts usually are deleted before the bankruptcy public record because in most cases they are delinquent prior to bankruptcy being filed.

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Just enter some randm values (DON'T enter the value "Update" for @Action) - the query will be accpeted and saved, but because you didn't enter "Update" it didn't actually update anyway... The second dataset we'll call "delete", and will do its job when the value of @Action is "Delete" - but it's actually another UPDATE statement in SQL terms - it's just updating all your answers back to NULL. This needs to be added the update statements, because it needs to run in order to refresh the report display after the changes.

It's also why you ticked that little tickbox in step 1.

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They're not for the users to see and interact with. This value doesn't actually perform any special additional actions, it's just something other than "Update" or "Delete" which will. For the other 2 parameters we've just given them a default value so that the report will run without complaining.