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The objects that user List point to have been updated.If you now iterate through the original user List you will see the updated objects because user List is still pointing to them.Here is a small block of c# code samples to create new ‘User’ linq to sql class(Representing ‘Users’ Table in Database) and add it to ‘Users Data Context’ class(Represents the database) and commit the changes to original database by ‘Submit Changes'(without this, no changes will be reflected to database): For your information, the above code example is for . If you are using an earlier version, you will have to use ‘Add‘ method instead of ‘Insert On Submit‘ . Deleting data/row from database using linq is as simple as inserting data and this is also sql syntax free operation 🙂 .

For files the database connection string is defined in the web.config file as: We can use a connection string from the web.config file or we can pass a connection string as a parameter in the constructor of the Data Context class to create an object of the Data Context class.however if u r unsure about foreach would work for specific items, then find an example below: lst Users.For Each(Address Of Do Some Action) Function Do Some Action(Byval obj User as cls User) as cls User if obj User. Data Bind(), the method itself iterates through the Data Source you provide.This data context class is an Object and table mapping and we perform the operation on the object and database updated according to the action using the submit Changes() method.Recently, I have discussed about getting started linq to sql in c#

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But it does intyernally, I should not bother about what it does internally.

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