Updating fact tables

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Updating fact tables

This table uses the full parent table name with an ‘_SK’ suffix.

Existing fields from the source can be used for the join or a new field must be extracted from the source for the join.

If that is not the case and there are in fact duplicates in the Source, depending on the situation the code can either produce a run-time error or can load duplicate rows into the Base fact table.

There are six different column types that can be divided among reference columns and data columns.

The are currently two supported types of fact tables: The snapshot fact form relies on the definition of the primary key to decide whether to update a fact row or insert a new one.

The current implementation of the snapshot fact form assumes that the Source being loaded into the snapshot fact form does not contain primary key (PK) duplicates (in other words, every source row is unique with respect to the fact’s primary key).

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