Updating bios with a thumbdrive

Posted by / 18-Sep-2020 18:27

Your BIOS has many features available, but some advanced users tend to update theirs in order to get access to new features.Updating BIOS can be a somewhat complicated procedure, so today we’re going to show you how to flash your BIOS on Windows 10.

If you want to know how to do that, check the steps below.

Flashing your BIOS is an advanced procedure, and if you don’t perform it properly you can cause major damage to your PC.

In most cases you don’t even have to update your BIOS unless there’s a major problem with your hardware.

You can see the model of your motherboard by using any hardware information tool such as Speccy or CPU-Z.

After finding the version of BIOS that you’re using, you need to download the new version from your motherboard manufacturer’s website.

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When you download new version of BIOS, it will be stored in an archive so you’ll need to extract it first.

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