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Uvalde is also the headquarters of Southwest Texas Junior College, MRGC's partner institution.A relatively old township in Southwest Texas, Uvalde was settled in 1853. As a fluent bilingual therapist, services are offered in English & Spanish. As a fluent bilingual therapist, services are offered in English & Spanish.I appreciate the responsibility and privilege given me when invited to join you in discussing personal and even painful issues.I'll listen, assume nothing, judge nothing, impose nothing and try to find a solution as individual and personal as your dilemma, as quickly as possible.""With the daily stressors and challenges of children and families, I offer to cater to every individual and family who requests my services.

The program also helps alleviate symptoms that interfere with a person's ability to function and maximize independence.Psychiatry concentrates on prevention, treatment, diagnosis and medication services for mental health disorders.Pediatric and adult psychiatry are available through telemedicine.Seniors and their caregivers have unique problems and needs.Physical decline, loss of independence, safety concerns, and deaths of friends and loved ones are just a few of the concerns that require special attention and can contribute to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

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