Spinal cord injury dating freshman and senior dating

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Spinal cord injury dating

In 2010, I was a sophomore playing for the Norwood High School varsity hockey team. We had a game against Weymouth on Saturday, January 23rd.

Learn More Discover some wonderful support groups and programs that can help survivors of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries get their lives back on track.

The plan was to go in, do our job, get the win and all hang out after.

When the game started, we realized that we were pretty outmatched.

Dana was waiting at a red light behind five other cars when she took a quick glance into her rearview mirror.

She had no way of knowing that what she saw was about to change the rest of her life.

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As she told KBJR6, “I was partying and out really late and I went out to Long Island with some friends on their boat, and in an altered state of mind, forgot where I was and I dove into three feet of water.” It was ...

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