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Spain dating ludmila

When her sister, Lena, came to the Studio, Naty started to change and she became a better person, but when Lena left the Studio, she went back to Ludmila.

She started to develope her feelings for Maxi, and he felt the same for her, but it didn't go well, because Ludmila is always in the way of their relationship.

Natalia "Naty" Vidal is one of the students at Studio On Beat and is Ludmila's sidekick and best friend.

However, she is more of a servant to Ludmila than her friend.

He currently attends As of season 2, it is revealed that he likes going to the motocross track and practice his skills, which he used to do with his ex-mechanic and ex-girlfriend, Lara, who left in season 2 when León, Violetta, Francesca and Diego went to Madrid to dance for You Mix Spain.

He wants to get Violetta to stop thinking about Tomas because he believes that Tomas is a bad guy, who is only toying with her and wanting to make her suffer, although this is false.She knows that Ludmila would betray her if there was something in it for her, but she stays with her anyway, hoping that it would help her become a diva as well.As of Season 2, she becomes a little more confident, she also became friends with Violetta, Francesca and Camila and sang with them for You Mix.She also became Maxi's girlfriend and they kissed three times.Ludmila doesn't want them together and tried many times to break them up, but Naty always forgave her. Naty is a nice girl but she keeps her true personality hidden to herself in order to please Ludmila.

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She is fashionable and looks down on the other girls.