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South sudan dating sites

United Nations officials say they face an impossible choice: open their doors to the desperate, or let people die.

But he knows why he picked up a gun.“All the other boys my age were going to fight,” Chol, 15, said from his hospital bed, bleary-eyed, a bullet wound in his leg.With families piled on families, much of the camp has become an open sewer.The fighting has kept supplies from arriving from the capital, and there are shortages of just about everything.International aid groups had to cancel repeated trips last week because of shelling and clashes.Finally, aid workers went despite the risks, but on the way back gunmen shot at one of the boats — though it was clearly marked with an aid group’s flag — forcing workers to dive for cover and speed back to port.

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The compounds were never built to house refugees, but are now taking on a feeling of permanence.

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