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Singleanddating com Ej Of CHZo Relationship 101: Hobbies/Interests Cultivate shared hobbies/interests as well as develop personal hobbies/interests.

It provides interesting talking and bonding points based on your shared pursuits as well as your individual pursuits.

Moral of the story..your due diligence with every new path, check those externals that make the internal look so good and vice versa! #liveurjourney #takingrisks #newbeginnings #farmlife #chances #countrygirl #limitless #womeninbusiness #blackwomenfarmers #dreams Life will be as great as your expectations.

The road won’t always be smooth or without obstacles but the journey will develop you for the blessings that are coming.

Happy partners do not sweat the small stuff or give themselves brownie points for things that they have done for each other.

They understand that they are working for the best of their life together. Ev1iv1KC Relationship 101: Learn from conflict As your relationship grows and matures, they are bound to be misunderstandings.

We are changing the way Americans do health, with or without insurance.

Relationship 101: Know your non-negotiables Be flexible in changing for your partner 84% of the time, but don’t sacrifice your core values, beliefs and priorities under relationship pressures.

Your relationship will spiral downward if you have an “anything goes” policy.

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We are the best managers, administrators, teachers, students, presenters and we are packed with passion for the things we love.

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As you can hear on one of the pictures I’m not real clear on what it was called but the bottom line is it moves the body muscles where there are areas of pain.