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Sex date phuket

The Patong girls can be taken off for a nominal fine, around 350 / 500 Baht and you can take the girl short time , the girl will expect a “Tip” of around 1000 Baht for her services. Read this article to learn more about the prices of sex in Thailand or where to find escorts in Phuket.

If it is only 500 baht then you will need to negotiate the girls “tip” but if it is 3000 then the Phuket ladies “tip should be included.

It does not have as big of a girly bar sex scene as you will find in Bangkok or Pattaya but there is still one around if those are the type of Phuket girls you are after.

There are many non pro’s about as well but in Thailand that line can always get pretty blurry and it is hard to know who you are really talking to.

Phuket bars are the same as the bars you will find in Bangkok or Pattaya.

There are the Go-Go’s with the Phuket girls dancing on stage in bikinis that you can call down for a ladies drink if you like her.

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