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As a private citizen or an employee, you certainly have your right to your private beliefs, but when a leader in the gay community says these things, they're disrespecting the decades-long work of marriage equality activists, and I think more ominously, they're giving credibility and oxygen to far-right politicians who continue to try and undermine these rights that we really just recently won.

I know that today, Grindr is entirely owned by a Chinese company.

I am pleased that our industry, more broadly, is shining a light on the issue of racism and sexual discrimination.

I think if you look closely at what Grindr announced back in September, you will note that there are no actual differences in the app from the day before to the day after.

They can see that, and they can run an ad they think is appropriate to show you.

This phenomenon was sold to us in the early days as a way to show people more relevant ads.

It is also worth noting that our primary revenue stream is through subscriptions.” While there is no proof that the app has “sold” user data, the New York Times reported in April of this year on Grindr “sharing users’ H. There is a reckoning coming for all of these technology companies and platforms that are making business decisions without considering [their] moral implications.

“The reason I said marriage is a holy matrimony between a man and a woman is based on my own personal experience,” he continued, including a claim that he’s been an “advocate for LGBTQ rights” since he was young.

This kind of dating discrimination or sexual discrimination that happens on Grindr is certainly not unique to them; it also happens on Scruff.

What kind of initiatives are you guys working on to make sure that Scruff is a safer place in the same way that Grindr has?

Well, the issue now is that data doesn't just stop with the advertisers anymore — you can easily envision scenarios where that data about your usage of Grindr includes your listed HIV status.

In theory, let’s say a health insurer could see that, bid in that moment, and could hold onto that data and then later use it to ratchet up your premium.

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