Rules for dating a preacher

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Rules for dating a preacher

It is true that these changes were based upon statements found in the Bible, so it would be wrong to call these positions unbiblical.In both cases, though, they ignored or rejected verses which could lead to opposite conclusions.Because of the traditional Baptist emphasis on the autonomy of individual churches and the fact that the Southern Baptist Convention is more of a congregation union than a hierarchical denomination, the change was not binding on individual Southern Baptists and the denominations 41,000 local congregations remained free to ordain women and hire them as pastors.Still, the fact that a change was made at all sent a powerful message and was designed to influence decisions at the congregational level.At least 8,000 delegates attended the 141st annual Southern Baptist Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1998.

The change also did not say what should happen to the 1,600 or so Southern Baptist clergywomen who existed at the time, about 100 of whom were leading congregations.Evidently, Baptist men didnt like the idea of making any sort of gesture of submission to their wives.And what about widows and widowers is one kicked out of the family the moment ones spouse dies?Do inerrantists confiscate womens jewelry at the church door and unbraid their hair? They are picking and choosing which inerrant commands they wish to follow and enforce They dont even appear to consistently follow the verses they do claim should be followed, for example, the aforementioned I Timothy .Surely they allow women to teach Sunday School, sing in the choir, and speak at meetings.

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