Roses are red violets are blue dating

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I kept them just so I could keep the strain alive, show them off at the next gardening show in town. Until about a month later, when I noted a new rose growing beneath the blue one.Apparently, one of my red roses that I had nearby, a variation on the rose known as Black Magic (which is the kind most commonly used in movies), had spread a bit of pollen into the azure roses, and they’d spawned a new little tyke.Perhaps it is because they have some trait that MAKES them more romantic, some scent or chemical that induces feelings of romance.There’s easy evolutionary explanation for it; animals come by, feel aroused, and as they’re having their romp they pick up some pollen.The bright side is that no flower is ever wasted; I sell flowers from my greenhouse to the local flower shop as a modest means of supplanting the income that I spend on them.

The new rose plant didn’t stick out too much, and I didn’t pay it any attention beyond watering it until it blossomed an equally bright blue.

Let me make a long story short by saying that I have a very big greenhouse and a lot of time on my hands.

Jenny got roses every time I saw her; I even started leaving them on her doorstep every day just so I wouldn’t waste the poor things.

I suppose I could have used more scientific means, but I was in no real rush.

I didn’t even have any real plan beyond a modest hypothesis. I think even a non-gardener can infer the significance of that.

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We’ve been dating for several years, after all, but I have too many plants and she has too many books to make moving in together feasible. She has long blonde hair, a heavy California tan, and a good tight figure. As soon as I could, I got my bush back and began strengthening this line. Jenny, reversing the age-old adage, smelled the roses and stopped.

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