Rihanna and jr smith dating

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Rihanna and jr smith dating

After a 2009 pre-Grammy party, the two got into a heated argument that ended with a violent attack on Rihanna.Since then, the duo have stayed in the public eye handling restraining orders, plea bargains, and even a couple of musical collaborations, making it the most f*cked up relationship…like, ever. R Smith dated for about a year, but the real drama happened after the breakup.Rihanna also confirmed she broke up with Chris Brown.The singer posted a photo to her popular Instagram account on Thursday and must have received a comment from a Knicks fan who goes by @peruvian_gawd on Instagram.She responded to him with the message below where she says Smith is screwing up because he’s hungover from partying at clubs every night: What’s funny is that less than two weeks ago Smith admonished those who criticized him for allegedly partying the night before Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.After the Knicks won Game 2 to tie their series with the Pacers, Smith was pictured nearby Rihanna at a club: So not only does Rihanna say the two are not dating, she is also blaming Smith’s partying on his struggles.

‘They need that nourishment, that little stroke of the ego that gets them by every now and then.

Rihanna – Are Rihanna and New York Knicks baller JR Smith dating?

Earlier this month Rihanna was spotted partying with Smith at a New York nightclub.

After working together on several projects, Rihanna and Jay Z were rumored to be developing a romance (naturally).

They both denied the rumors, but it’s no surprise that Ri Ri and Beyonce won’t be best friends anytime soon.

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“I definitely like high-risk guys,” Rihanna has said.