Recommended proper etiquettes for dating

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Everyone has been there; you text someone and then they immediately call you back after they get the text.

You will find some villages more traditional than others, especially those distant from towns and urban centers.

Make sure your bow is serving its purpose and that you’re putting in the effort (note: effort levels are often noticeable in bows). However, it’s more common for Korean men to offer a handshake than women.

Here’s Seoulistic’s video on When and How to Bow in Korea: Titles and Names: When calling other people, Korean etiquette often dictates the use of titles instead of names. Park,” the title 아버지 (abeoji – “father”) is more appropriate.

Pounded into powder, the yaqona will be mixed with water and served.

Be prepared to shake hands and to answer many personal questions such as where you are from, are you married, how many children do you have, how much money you earn etc.

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Hand waves to say hi or bye are also quite common (but are more casual). Sorry, there’s no secret handshake or codeword for picture perfect Korean manners in informal situations. Hugs: Don’t hug someone you’ve just met for the first time. Even if you’ve just had the most spirit-kindling noraebang singing session, hugging might make things awkward.

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