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As a Romantic, you need a partner who is lighthearted enough to avoid the pitfalls of your depressive moods, since you don't always want to come out of them.You'll benefit by being with someone who doesn't "go there" with you.You're most likely to be attracted to someone who values your good advice and who takes on their share of the work in the relationship.You don't want to end up doing it all yourself, and you wouldn't allow that sort of unhealthy dynamic to exist in any of your relationships. The beneficial side of being in a partnership with a perfectionist is, they are more willing to forgive than their name would suggest.But, they are consistently trustworthy, responsible, and loyal to their friends and family.If you're a Questioner, you need someone who won't react to your overreactions and anxiety.Eventually, the marriage dissipated because he felt it interrupted his studies, which basically describes the extreme version of the Achiever. You constantly are worried about not achieving the kind of success you'd like to achieve in the world, and you need someone who can tell you how proud they are of your accomplishments.

Here's an outline of all the Enneagram personality types and the kind of partner your primary type needs in a relationship: Being a perfectionist is difficult mostly because as a perfectionist, you make it so.

If you happen to be the partner of an Observer, also known as "The Thinkers," remember that if they seem aloof, they are most likely uncomfortable.

They need the time and space to process their emotions, so don't try to pull anything out of them. Also known as "The Skeptic," Questioners' personalities range from introverted and cautious to extroverted and confrontational.

They also need someone who is a good listener, as they get irritated with having to repeat themselves.

It takes a LOT of effort for them to put their thoughts into words in the first place.

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Oh, and MOST importantly, you'll want to be with someone who will resist the urge to tell you you're overreacting or being dramatic, unless it's absolutely necessary.

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