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Dating as an Indian can be summarized in two categorizes.

Either you're too old and you should have been married yesterday or you're too young and you can’t even look at the opposite sex until you're ready to get married.

Times have changed since my parents were in their 20's.

Now more and more Indians are embracing dating culture and really getting to know their partners before taking the plunge.

It’s true, people are more likely to be relaxed and carefree online than in person.

On a side note, this could be a great method to build a friendship with someone before jumping into a relationship with them.

I can’t supress my womanly urges because my parents told me so.

Group dates really aren’t that bad especially when you guys have mutual friends.

Marriage is literally the most important thing that will ever happen in life if you are Indian. Dating is one of those grey areas that I feel is probably the biggest conflict among immigrant parents and Western born children.

Back in the old days (and in some cases today) parents pick a suitable spouse for their children based on what they thought was best for their kids.

Some great options include: bowling, dinners, playing sports, etc.! One of my favourite group date memories (not my own date, I was just a 5th wheel that was invited) was playing laser tag.

Everyone had a great time, it wasn’t awkward, and it really was a lot of fun. Growing up with such strict rules can be very isolating.

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or even think about a boy until I graduated university.

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