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These men, however, are everywhere in the real world.

At least when you meet them through online dating, you’ll know from day 1 that they’re closed minded and that they aren’t good enough for you. If you want to date, have a relationship, or even meet new people and have a nice evening, you should really try online dating.

I asked him if he is used to meeting married girls on dating applications.

I decided to download it and see who are the ones in it? Even the shy, or antisocial ones of them are usually nice people who just have social anxiety or just don’t have the chance to be sociable. Not a single person who went on online dates said they wanted a hook up.I was surprised when they all said they want to have a real thing.A real relationship, and maybe even marriage out of online dating.Online dating is quite popular everywhere, except for Egypt.Even though dating became an essential, online dating in Egypt seems to be a no no.

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Then, there was that too-polite guy who decided to start with “I hope my greeting finds you well my dear,” and another who kicked off with “Hi cute girl.” No need to say that this is where that conversation started and ended.

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