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Too many guys go on dates and agree to submit themselves to the common practices that don’t pressure their girls (far too formal thus not really adapter to the intimacy we were talking about).They go to the cinema, to the restaurant or do other things like that as a first date. These guys clearly have read too many novels or seen too many movies (that are made to make teenagers dream and give a wrong vision of what a good date should be).I know a lot of people who say that the best part is the game of seduction… I agree, it can be funny during a moment, but one day, it will be necessary to do something more concrete (besides people often say so because they are too scared to take action).I remember a girl who wanted to play this silly game with me then I decided to don’t sleep with her before the 10th date.. I can assure you that she did not love that (nevertheless she was a classy girl: a working girl from a good family) and I’ve never been able to get a 8th date. you try to chase two rabbits at the same time), the less you care if you sleep with her during at first date or not.You will thus attract more quality women, and you will sleep with them more quickly.– The fantasy of the nice guy: the average man is afraid of being a man in our societies.In this free part of the ebook, I am a going to talk about the “Game” in a general way… Once you’ve slept with her (of course here I suppose you’re not a bad fuck but it is not the subject of this book), you’re given more room to maneuver to design the kind of relation you wish. Furthermore, coming back in the bed of a guy with whom she has already slept, it’s 100 times less social pressure for her (social pressure – – -)! – Sex allows to break the ice and thus to quickly lead the interaction towards something more intimate.

– Too much unresolved sexual tension kills any sexual tension.

It’s because of this fact that the notion of “nice guy” became so pejorative.

I am not suggesting you to bang your chest by roaring out nor to drag her in the kitchen by catching her by her hair to seduce her.

He does not embrace his real nature of virile man who has needs…

he does not act according to his deep instinct of male.

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If there is a lot of sexual tension between both of you, and during too many dates in a row (too many = more than 3), it can make things awkward (and she will think that you have a small cock).

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