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Because the infrastructure of the country’s computer network was largely unaffected, electronic media emerged as a useful mode for connecting those separated by the quake and for coordinating relief efforts.

It was estimated that some three million people were affected by the quake—nearly one-third of the country’s total population.

The densely populated region around Port-au-Prince, located on the Gulf of Gonâve, was among those most heavily affected.

Farther south the city of Jacmel also sustained significant damage, and to the west the city of Léogâne, even closer to the epicentre than Port-au-Prince, was essentially leveled.

The collapsed buildings defining the landscape of the disaster area came as a consequence of Haiti’s lack of building codes.

Without adequate reinforcement, the buildings disintegrated under the force of the quake, killing or trapping their occupants.

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Of these, over one million were left homeless in the immediate aftermath.

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