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Men that give up on dating

You're not in the throes of early date overanalyzing, game playing and reading into everything. As young girls, we feel like everyone is on "a quest" to find a partner.

But to be honest, after years of questing, girls' night out-ing and talking about everyone's relationships and breakups, it has become exhausting.

After spending several weeks giving zero f*cks, we feel like it has actually improved our dating prospects. It seems that giving zero f*cks actually makes you a better, more attractive version of yourself to potentials because you no longer place extravagant expectations on the dating scene and your next potential date.

You don't feel the need to force anything, and you don't remotely smell of desperation.

Online dating is no longer considered a “desperate” way to meet women, and the proof is in the fact that 52% of online daters are men and there are more than 2,500 dating sites in the U. And while it’s great that men have so many options (Clown is a thing…

a creepy, creepy thing), how do you choose a site that actually gets you results?

Is it just us, or do most of the dating advice articles, podcasts and inspirational Instagram accounts just seem so generic after a while?

We've become tired of phrases such as, “Once you find true happiness within yourself, you will find love,” “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger” and “What's truly meant to be, will be.” (The list could go on forever.)Sure, sometimes, we aren't “over” a guy.

While we love writing and sharing our takes on the ever-complex world of love, does reading about other people's experiences really help? But in the mean time, we're kind of over these kinds of sentiments.So, where do you turn when you've gotten the same generic advice over and over, and you're just a single girl who's over it all?Well, speaking as two tormented souls in this likely small demographic, we have figured out a solution we're actually kind of excited about.If you do happen to meet someone while you're on your quest for that perfect cocktail and seat at the bar, that's just lovely.But no matter how sexy or edgy this person may be, don't leave this meeting hoping that he or she is your next beau.

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In some cases, guys are anti-feminist and just hate women.