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To prove this, I will explore the evolution of several types of dating sim games, the general audience’s perception of these games, and its influence on LGBT game developers.

As a quick disclaimer, I personally only have experience with casual games or problematic variations in the genre.

It should be emphasized that because dating sims are highly unrealistic; a typical Eastern dating sim does not explore healthy relationships.

It’s not a surprise that dating sims originated in Japan, where there is a stronger focus on creating identifiable characters compared to the Western sphere.

Another thing to note is that dating sims are not exactly simulation games that portray a couple’s relationship, but typically an adventure and management game where love becomes a measurable resource that must be earned through correct player decisions and character stats within a predetermined time limit.

Dating sims are often also social sims, as both games involve making choices that affect the player character’s stats and relationship with other characters.

However with dating sims, the end goal is expected to be a confession scene.

Often times, dating sim games will also skip the “dating” aspect of the relationship and show characters at a wedding, in the bedroom, or with kids.

The developers, Yuji Naka and Hiroshi Kawaguchi, had been asked by their supervisors at SEGA to make a game targeting the young female audience.The game also ended up becoming popular with the slightly older female audience, creating sequels, remakes, and spinoff games.While Angelique was a dating sim, the main goal was not specifically to get a love interest.However, as game technologies increased, players were given more strategic and complex options.In 1994, was released as a popular dating sim with a highly praised, nonlinear game progression.

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With this method, game included 14 possible love interests, as well as rival characters that fought with the protagonist.

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