M1 garand dating

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M1 garand dating

WWII Companies that produced the M1 Carbine: (Winchester was the main producer with 2,642,097 produced by the end of the war.) Rock-Ola Music Corporation (ROCK-OLA) Standard Products (STANDARD PRODUCTS) International Business Machines (IBM) Quality Hardware (QUALITY HARDWARE) National Postal Meter (NATIONAL POSTAL METER) Saginaw (SAGINAW DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS)S.

The popularity of the M1 Garand continues to grow as hundreds of new Garand “Fun” Matches are being held all across the USA each year.

The Berettas, which were all manufactured in Italy, are numbered 001 through 200.

There were, to the best on my knowledge, only 200 made, 100 each in .308 and .30/06.

When ALL countries involved were firing bolt action rifles as their primary infantry weapon, we had 8 rounds of 30-06 heading their way as fast as we could pull the trigger.

The fact that the M1 platform was so good, it was being used in combat as late as 1968 by US Marines in Vietnam (M14) says something of accuracy, reliability, and overall design.

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