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Love dating in hong kong friends

Hence it is ingrained in there mindset to find a partner who can afford living in this expensive city.Or if not, does have a back up in western country, so if hongkong doesn't work, they can always go to Canada, USA or Europe with there partner. They dress well and expect the same from there partners too.

I was never looking for love or romance on dating apps, and I don’t think we should ever put ourselves in that hopeless romantic headspace. You know those Tinder couples that are always flaunting their relationships to everyone? Some of them have been dating for four years, some who literally just got engaged, married, and some even have a kid – all because of Tinder. And the other part of me is trying to enjoy myself by examining the way people present themselves to total strangers – at the very least it’s all good writing material.

This, actually came from a local Hk girl I am friend with.

Hongkong is a tough place for middle class and poor people.

They can be mixed bag, either hit or a miss like everywhere.

But there are some specific traits which are common among HK girls. For hongkongers, foreigners usually means someone from western country with fairer skin, anyone with darker skin is considered inferior. If they are open to date foreigners, they mostly prefer westerners.

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