Long honeymoon period dating relationship Sex camforn

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Long honeymoon period dating relationship

You might worry that the absence of a constant need to make the best impression signals the end of a glorious period, but isn’t it better to relax in a comfort zone with someone who knows and loves you than pretend to be something you’re not? The key to a happy and fulfilling relationship is to not only nurture it, but also to nurture yourself.

With the honeymoon period out of the way, along with that desperate need to exist only for your significant other, you can start tending to yourself again in order to ensure that you can contribute to the relationship as a healthy and strong individual.

There is no hard and fast rule about how long the honeymoon period lasts.

It could be a couple of months, it could be a couple of years.

This isn’t something that particularly needs to be mourned, however.

All it means is that the desperate need to remind the other of your presence is no longer quite so insistent.

If they love you, they’ll love you for who you are, and this is one ending to the honeymoon period that pretty much everyone is probably happy about. A dead giveaway as to the demise of the honeymoon stage in your relationship is the sudden absence of public displays of affection.

Quite simply, all those months of being constantly on edge and being over-aware of how you should be presenting yourself are a thing of the past.And let’s face it, you’re probably being far more productive now that you’re not on the phone 24 hours a day. It is likely the case, when the honeymoon period starts to fade off into normality, that you don’t quite take the same level of care of yourself and your appearance.Not that it’s acceptable to start showering with a can and wearing the same pair of underwear for a week at a time. Maybe the three-hour-long meticulous grooming campaign you used to ensure upon has suffered somewhat.But if it’s entirely mutual, then there’s nothing to worry about. You know which three I mean – if not, then you’re reading the wrong article!Just accept that things have moved on, and as you’ve become more comfortable with each other, that need to advertise your togetherness is less pressing. Okay, post-honeymoon period, these words might get said less, but this isn’t necessarily anything to worry about.

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[Read: 9 relationship stages every single couple goes through] The end of the honeymoon stage, as you can see from the list above, only signals the beginning of a new phase in the relationship – not its end.

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