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Tanya immediately went to the window when we arrived at my place and asked me which window to look at, I pointed it out and then she opened her bag.I was very surprised when she pulled out a telescope and aimed it at the window“You can’t do that!The following day at NYU, I told my best friend (Tanya) about what I saw the night before, she was very curious to see this guy for herself.After a strenuous test and completing the day, I went home and Tanya joined me after a quick stop at her place.

His girlfriend started giving him a blowjob and I couldn’t look away.” I told her“Oh just chill, I just wanna see what the fuss was about.”It took some time but eventually she got to see him.By this time it was already dark so by keeping the lights off no one could see us and we could see that he had a lady friend with him.It was not like spying on them or anything, they often did the same.The people in that building and in mine knew to close the blinds when privacy was required.

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