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Latoya simmons from dating game

Why the guys chose the teams they support, Superbowl L, guys who date older women, Mercface Andy admits he reconciled with his lying gf, the team watches the video of the drunk Miami Neurologist who attacks her Uber driver Kurt Metzger drops in, Mercface Andy and callers chat about having a liar gf, Brendan Dassey's brothers rap, riffing as Brendan Dassey confessing to several famous crimes, you gotta be a financial analyst to follow Billions, camper Ryan in Miami who worked w hot Indian who beat uber driver calls in, Martin shkrelli deposition video.

The guys discuss the passing of Vanity and George Gaines, all callers must begin their call with "oh punky" or "Mahoney", soliel moon frye and her giant sweater hounds on wonder years and saved by the bell, Ron from Ohio wins Soder's second late show ticket to jays special taping, Joe List joins the guys and hears about Who Got Jokes and caller Rhonda from ep 43, Jacob shows the guys a video of Debbie Doo getting stretched out, Mercface and DJ Lou are single. Dan fell in love with a girl at the first show named Christine, they discuss weirdos at the tapings, Ari Shaffir in studio with the story of breaking his leg skiing, they watch videos of a pro snowboarder railin a chick and an accidental anal compilation. Camper Nicki calls in with a story of shitting her pants while driving. Justin & Sarah brought a porn of themselves with TV/a movie in the background so the team can play "what's on in the background while they fuck?

LIVE FROM MOONTOWER: the crew is wearing Western wear, a Camper in the audience recommends the Trophy Room in Austin for mechanical bull action, Hank WIlliams Jr Monday night football song parody, Andy Kindler and Joe De Rosa on stage to talk about strip clubs, Ari Shaffir on stage, Leno/Letterman/Conan drama, Ari is a hoarder, jerking off on a plane, Ari loves Hitler, Andrew Dice Clay stories.

LIVE FROM MOONTOWER NIGHT 2: Texas food is conducive for squaty potties, Joe List and Mark Normand on stage, the guys describe the women at Trophy room after their show last night, 90s heartthrobs, Jenna Von Oy reached out to the show via Twitter, Ari Shaffir joins on stage to compare bodies, Jay aquafors his asshole, Mark Normand describes his night at the airport strip club, Kurt Metzger and Josh Adam Myers on stage to compare typical jerk off positions and disposal methods, Jay tells stories of his ex Cheryl, stories of messy butt sex.

DJ Lou is out seeing Pearl Jam at Madison Square Gardens, was Rob Thomas high during his speech about Chicago's induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, replacement singers in classic rock bands, Rich Vos in studio, everyone tries snorting snuff, Tom Rhodes in studio, Tom tells about stopping drinking, and they watch a video of a kid "learning to defend himself" from his dad after messing up in school.

Faygo and which cola has the most sugar/caffeine, using cola to clean things, the guys talk about the documentary Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, circle jerks as kids (neither of the guys ever did lol), recorded but never aired segment from first episode, confrontations, the guys listen to a mixtape they bought in Times Square, the name “Mercface Andy” is first used, camper asks the guys how they started in comedy, is it gay to watch porn where a girl bangs a dude with a strap-on, first "crackle crackle" said by Dan riffing on street rapper C Boy.Dave Atell and Nick Di Paolo in studio, Jay rapping along to Queen Bitch by Lil Kim, beef with Opie over the Bonfire having to move studios, camper calls in about guy with sour face at Dan's San Fran show, the guys chat about interviews before sets when on the road, DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics (razor in the shower, forgot your friends names, sorry I forgot your Greek yogurt, I wanna go on vacation by myself, I need my shirts), Dan & Jay inform Dave & Nick about Chet Haze, Tonya Harding, females vs males in sports Jay mistook Joel Osteen for Clay Aiken, one word impressions of Aaron Berg and Joe De Rosa, bullying, the guys watch the trailer for the documentary Bully, the guys' crushes on girls who saw them as nonsexual, good and bad breasts, Bruce Jenner's dick flop in old Olympics videos, dicks falling out during sports, DJ Lou's Whole New World//Apocalypse Now, It's a Small World /Apocalypse Now, and Mary Poppins/Platoon compliations, more of DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics, sex acts with people with illnesses/deformities.The guys discuss a murder that occurred at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, stories of violence the guys and campers have witnessed, hack comedians, camper Josh who has been to Aghanistan as part of the US army calls in, camper @Ginga Ninja (Ryan) calls in with a story of a friend who committed a murder-suicide, amazing bonfire-themed spoof version of Mo' Money, Mo' Problems made by camper Denny Fatbeard, camper Allan from Texas calls in with story of seeing a guy empty an entire clip into a car the previous night, camper Dee calls in to ask why Dan rejected her when she hit on him at a recent show, camper Stephanie calls in with a story about a race war at her high school, camper Chris in CA calls in with a story of some bad Thai food that caused bubble guts.Mercface left his facebook page open so Dan turned all his notifications to high, Jay tells about not being able to get on a roller coaster at Mall of America for being too big, Jacob competes with Ben from Golfer's Edge on PGA radio in a push-up competition, camper Ryan in Miami calls in to alert the guys to a Jenna Von Oy butt video he emailed them, jay tells of being thrown from a mechanical bull, they watch videos of fat chicks being thrown from mechanical bulls, video confession from a girl who can't stop sucking dick.Mike Vecchione in studio, stories of living with Joe De Rosa, the guys enjoy wearing their new ghillie suits, game of What's on in the Background while Justin and Sarah are fucking (Little Shop of Horrors), Rachel Feinstein joins in with stories of humping a friend as a child.

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The boys sing along to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

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