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Knightley gets teased for playing versions of the same character, in different costumes.

But her recurring role — negotiating femininity under patriarchal control — is one so many women recognize as our own.

She regularly appeared in fashion shoots, but in the interviews inside the magazine, she rarely disclosed substantive details of her offscreen life.

This sort of information vacuum made it all the easier to believe that Knightley sits around at home not dressed like her Love Actually character, but getting her hair done up into a meticulous pile of ringlets by a lady’s maid, or walking the English countryside, or wearing a full-body bathing costume as she prepares to dive into the pond at her ancestral estate.

Eight years later, she was cast as Natalie Portman’s decoy in 1999 Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace, but was “learning on the job” from the off.

“I’d never been to drama school, I’d never had an acting lesson.

And it was those films — rather than the aberration of Love Actually (2003), or the misfire of Domino, which cut her hair into a shaggy pixie, or the overwrought mindfuck of The Jacket (both released in 2005) — that established the foundation of her image, as an actor who seemed most at home in decades other than our own.It took a year of “deep therapy” before she returned with a new-found resilience.After a second Oscar nomination for The Imitation Game, she is now in a creative sweet spot.This understanding of Knightley was made possible, at least in part, by her own fiercely maintained privacy.She dated her Pride & Prejudice costar Rupert Friend for years, but little was known of their relationship, apart from the fact that the paparazzi liked to take pictures of them on the beach together.

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The way she looked in a sports bra, or in the small piece of tablecloth artfully draped around her body in what we then called a “going-out top,” represented the early 2000s ideal: not an ounce of fat on her.

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