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Keep dating the wrong men

In addition, there are women who fall for the wrong guys in order to fully avoid the responsibilities as well as the vulnerabilities that are key components of a mature, committed relationship.

So if you're a person who's afraid to fully open up and let your guard down around someone, the good news is that there are steps you can take right now to let go of your fear of commitment and find a deep and meaningful relationship.

And when these shared characteristics are highly negative, such as your partner and father can both be described as short-tempered, ill-mannered, or unreliable, it's been shown that your relationship satisfaction is lower as well.

Even more telling, many women also unconsciously seek out men who share these negative traits with a parent as a way to attempt to right a wrong that these women faced during their youth.

In the first place, staying in a dissatisfying and difficult relationship can negatively affect your emotional and physical health.

In fact, research has shown that people tend to pick partners who share similar characteristics with their opposite-sex parent, as noted in .And with these unfortunate statistics in mind, it's not surprising women can end up attracting men who don't treat them well, don't fulfill their needs, and don't provide them with love and emotional support because these women think they don't deserve any better.And because these women tend to only believe the worst about themselves and mistakenly think they're not pretty enough, good enough, smart enough, or successful enough, they pick men who directly play into these insecurities.Along these lines, another reason women fall for the wrong guys is that these women are afraid of being by themselves.In fact, research has shown that many women are more than willing to stay in unhappy and unfulfilling relationships because they're intimidated by the prospect of being alone.

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In other words, the idea of being on their own is so off-putting and unnerving that many women would rather stay with men who are wrong for them simply because these women think it's better than being alone.