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We went to small-town America to hear how young people keep dating real in places where both venues and singles are in short supply.

Faye is joined in the studio by sex and relationship expert Emily Morse, host of the badass podcast and Sirius XM show .

If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be “sealed” to your partner in a temple, consider this your crash course in Utah’s single scene.

How much does sports fanaticism affect dating in Chicago? And when it feels cold for about nine months out of the year, what’s a match gotta do to be worthy of strapping on some long johns and going outside for?

Chicago-raised comedian Liza Treyger (aka Glitter Cheese), who can be seen on Netflix in her half-hour special on joins Faye in the studio to dish about what her experience was like dating in the Windy City.

Plus, they talk to Josh from Winnecombe, Wisconsin, who has figured out a way to make the single life fun by going longboarding, raft building, and thrift-shopping on his dates.

Starting in July, you can hear a new episode every Tuesday.

Peep the lineup below, which we’ll be updating every time a new one drops. C.—a town filled with high-profile political operatives, no-BS journalists, and ambitious grad students looking for their in—time is precious and words are chosen super carefully. Polly Rodriguez, CEO & cofounder of badass sexual wellness company Unbound, joins Faye in the studio to reminisce about her time as a Senate intern on the hill and discuss power dynamics in relationships.

We see you hustling on those dating apps—and we’re thinking you’re probs wondering if everyone else is experiencing the same group-text-worthy dates as you.

Like, are you the only person in New York City who gets confused trying to find your date in a bar—and accidentally ends up having drinks with the wrong person?

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It’s a place where ambition lurks under every nondescript zip hoodie and men significantly outnumber women.

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