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The HTTP method and server URL (relative or absolute) are required to be specified in the open() method.

Boolean value for asynch specifies if HTTP request is asynchronous; Boolean value parameter is not required to be specified and default value is true.

Asynchronous Java Script and XML (Ajax) is a Web development technique that combines Java Script, Document Object Model (DOM), and XMLHttp Request technologies to provide dynamic interaction between a client and server.

As an example, suppose a user fills out a form to add data to a database table.

In this case make sure you have added the My SQL Java Connector JAR file.

Without the JAR, you won’t be able to connect to My SQL even if you’re server is running.

An instance of XMLHttp Request object is created in IE 6 with: In April 2006, a W3C Working draft of the XMLHttp Request object was introduced.

As XMLHttp Request object becomes a formal W3C standard, the implementation of the XMLHttp Request object is likely to become even more standardized.

2-The send() method has been called, but the status and headers are not available. Opens a HTTP request, but does not send the request.

The send() method is synchronous or asynchronous based on the value of the asynch argument in the open() method.

If synchronous, the method does not return until the entire response is received. The ready State property is set to 2 after invoking the send() method.

However, prior to April 2006, XMLHttp Request was implemented differently across browsers.

For example, Internet Explorer 6 implements XMLHttp Request as an Active X object.

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The XMLHttp Request object has various properties and methods to provide HTTP client functionality.

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