Is keri hilson dating

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Is keri hilson dating

This #Yo Side Of The Bed video is STILL one of the most beautiful, most meaningful pieces of…

So many impactful people found their purpose in their pain..their traumas, trials, lows, injustices... God keeps orchestrating all these different avenues to speak on…

It was number four at US Billboard 200 chart and it was certified as gold by the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA.

The album spawned some hit single including I like, Turnin Me On, Knock You Down.

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In addition of the music career, she had also been involved into many charities and pursued the acting career. She had contributed to the fighting against the virus of HIV and AIDS.The 28-year-old Congolese-Spanish professional basketball player currently plays for the Toronto Raptors and will be making his way to South Africa later this year for the 2018 NBA all-star game which will take place in Pretoria in August.Ibaka who has played national-level basketball for Spain and even won accolades for it has close ties to the country.In the year 2006, Hilson signed with the record label Mosley Music of American rapper and also a producer known as Timbaland.She has a breakthrough after a year when she was in the single of Timbaland called The Way I Are and it topped the charts in the entire world. Sexual intimacy, love and womanhood are the most common theme for her songs.

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She does not have children and she had four relationships up to now.

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