Invalidating a person

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Invalidating a person

We went out together after getting back from winter break and they never stopped talking about themselves the whole time.Whenever I talked, it seemed like an interruption in their monologue.They only wanted me to hear THEIR side of the story, without retaining any information about me.People that refuse to acknowledge that they've hurt my feelings and say I have no right to feel how I'm feeling are not people that I want to be my friends.

Sometimes, they will seem to register what I'm saying and connect with me, but two weeks later, they won't remember ever having talked about it.Processing my feelings as they come is a healthier approach for me in handling my emotions AND it allows me to communicate when I'm upset with my friends shortly after the fact.Sometimes, I'll confront one of my friends about how their actions made me feel like garbage and they'll go off about how I shouldn't feel this way and they're doing all they can to be a good friend.He feels out what you think your shortcomings are and then exploits them at calculated times when he knows you are vulnerable.The invalidator may persist in invalidating you until you succumb.

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Then when it comes time for a promotion and it's you or him, he chews you up and spits you out in front of management before you know what hit you - all the while being your good friend.

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