Interracial dating cons

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This only proves that they are least likely to marry any gender or race outside of their racial group.

Having an interracial marriage is now a very common thing in most countries all over the world.

In the same year, there were 25 percent Asians, 25 percent Hispanics, 17.1 percent blacks and almost 9.4 percent white’s wants to get married interracially.The US contains several racial and ethnic groups which made interracial marriage very common.According to the interracial marriage statistics in 1970 there was an increase on interracial marriage of 2 percent.Out of 275,500 interracial marriages that are new in 2010 there were 43 percent couples that is white-Hispanic, 14.4 percent white-Asian, 11.9 percent white-black and with a remainder combinations of other types.Even though the law on anti-miscegenation has been removed the issue with some blacks regarding interracial marriages still remains in their society.

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