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In re apco liquidating trust

Laddering CDs is a strategy where you'll periodically have one of several CDs mature, often on a six-month or annual basis, giving you the opportunity to take the money penalty-free at that time. Your rate will increase to keep pace when interest rates rise.

On the Effective Date, there shall be set aside out of the Liquidating Trust Assets the amount of Cash that was reasonably determined by the Debtors and the Creditors’ Committee following consultation with the Equity Committee prior to the Effective Date to be necessary to fund the activities of the Liquidating Trust, which amount shall be Sixty Million Dollars (,000,000.00) (the “, that the Funding may be increased from time to time during the term of the Liquidating Trust upon the request of the Liquidating Trustee and the approval of a Supermajority of the Trust Advisory Board.You haven’t yet earned the six months’ interest as required by the penalty schedule.However, the bank will still take that amount by deducting it from your initial investment deposit.You can try to use other flexible options to avoid penalties when you're tucking your money away in the future.CDs aren't bad options, but there might be better alternatives if you find that you keep having to pay penalties.

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