Good dating site in hongkong

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Good  dating site in hongkong

Attractive girls in big cities usually have so many matches that they rarely view second pics if they don’t like the first one. The second picture can be with a group of friends or some other reference point, where girls can see your posture. If you have an interesting hobby, the third picture is where to show it! If you’re good at skiing, surfing, or riding a motorcycle, show it with just ONE picture.

Tell the truth because the point is to eventually meet people in real life.

This will help you to avoid mutual disappointment when meeting your match for the first time.

If you’re not 6’2“, don’t live in a cool city or have an exotic job, stick with something funny or edgy. But mostly whatever puts a smile on my face, like going out for a drink with you would.

– If you like travelling, have one picture with you in front of an amazing landscape.

– If you’re an artist use your third picture to display your talents such as playing the piano or painting.

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When I see a guy on a climbing wall, I’m eager to swipe right.

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