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Rather than write any checks to pay for his new teeth, encourage him to be more proactive in taking care of himself. DEAR ABBY: I have read letters in your column about lazy adult sons moving back home. After being gone 15 years, my son lost his job, house and wife and had to move back with us.I admit I was apprehensive, but on his first day home he started to rebuild our 30-year-old patio. He lives nearby and still maintains our vehicles and helps out a lot around the house with things my wife and I find difficult to do.

The whole missing/fake teeth thing is kind of a sensitive issue for me. In the past I’ve gotten with other guys, but most of them were flings that I didn’t expect to go anywhere, and I wasn’t really worried what they’d think. I’m not comfortable with taking my retainer out during kissing (as many other normal retainer-wearers would). I just have one big insecurity: Congenitally missing upper lateral incisors.In the meantime, I have a removable retainer (the plastic, roof-of-your-mouth kind) with false teeth attached to it, which I wear all the time. Now, here comes the issue: No one can tell by *looking at me*.(I have a great daughter, too — but that’s a different story.) — GRATEFUL DAD IN NEVADA DEAR GRATEFUL DAD: You are absolutely right that I am interested. I don’t know what your recipe was for child rearing, but I’m sorry you didn’t share it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY ASIAN READERS WHO CELEBRATE THE LUNAR NEW YEAR!I wish a happy, healthy new year to all of you who celebrate this holiday. People born in the Year of the Pig are warmhearted, loyal, honest and gentle.

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Horrified host Jeremy immediately stood up and retreated saying "no, no, no don't bring them near me." The fired up guest then turned to the audience asking if they would fit her.

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